Super Secret Service

Available on November 4th on multiple app stores.

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Super Secret Service is a classic action, arcade title where players control secret service agents and protect “The President” by diving through the air and sacrificing their bodies to block projectiles hurled at the stage. The game is played in a vertical orientation and players control the agents, who stand on opposite sides of a podium where The President is giving a speech, by tapping anywhere on the screen on their corresponding half; if one agent mistimes their jump, their colleague is ready to jump in and fix the error.

Agents block the likes of pies, boots, soccer balls, and more while trying not to be faked out by paper airplanes and boomerangs. Occasionally a rogue gutter-punk will lob a golden, sparkling present at the agents, and picking this up will deploy a “near-shatterproof shield” which will give the players an extra shot at blocking the weapons. The reserves of agents is never-ending (though there is a cap of 10,000 unique agents to find), and players must protect The President for as long as they can until the fateful moment where they let one slip through. When that time comes a list of “Today’s Heroes”, all the agents who gave their lives that day, will scroll up the screen as a memorial to their bravery.

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  • On sale %50 off through Nov. 16th.
  • It’s an addictive action game with a deceptively simple mechanic, and perfect for short burst play.
  • The game exudes a playful personality thanks to Johan Vinet’s amazing pixel art.
  • flashygoodness brings his A game with a chiptune score straight from the SNES era.
  • Leaderboards and achievements cataloging 10,000 possible agent combinations.
  • Super Secret Service is ad-free on all platforms.



The game is a first-time collaboration between Austin Ivansmith (DuckTales Remastered, Mighty Switch Force), Johan Vinet (Adventure Time ETDBIDK, Halfway, Extreme Exorcism), and flashygoodness (Tower of Heaven, Sealark) and began in April of 2014. What was originally supposed to be a fun little side project became a mini passion project which was a lot of fun to work on, as well as to play.



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