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About a week ago I released Super Secret Service and not too many people noticed. But in Thursday’s App Store update the game was featured by Apple in the “Best New Games” category in North America and a few other countries. And I have two simple words to share with everyone: Thank You.bestnewgame_appstore

Thank you to everyone who purchased the game and helped it maintain a status in the top 100 games in the App Store all week. Thank you to everyone for retweeting the cavalcade of posts I wrote, the articles I linked, and the tweets Johan and flashygoodness shared. Thank you for bearing with my overwhelming joy, and for sharing in my joy. Thank you to everyone who understands the game was made with passion, from a place of care for the craft to share an experience with you, the player, and not a means to take your money quickly and run. Thank you to everyone who played the game, and thank you for sharing with us your praise for the game. The support and kind words of my industry peers has blown my mind.

The game had an article written up in Destructoid, Appspy did a hands-on video of it (which made me so happy listening to the fun they were having while playing), Appinsider gave us “Best Game Of The Day” on 11/11, and Pocket Gamer did a little writeup about the game. The coverage was more than many mobile developers can even dream of, and that is not lost on me. I am so grateful to be given the exposure and opportunity to show off the game to the world.

The game did really well this week. I don’t know that I can share exact numbers, but I can assure you I am not a millionaire, or a thousand-aire after last week, but it is nice to be able to pay off some development costs of the past year and take my family out to a nice meal in celebration. I imagine when the new round of games comes to the App Store this Thursday there will be a sharp falloff of sales for our game (unless some celebrity or famous Youtuber finds the game and calls to action everyone to play it), and I am trying to temper my expectations with the realities ahead. But it will be hard because this week was on par with some of my proudest moments of my career of the past ten years.  I am proud of the game I have made, and proud of the candor and accomplishments of the team on the project.

There are still a couple updates left for the game, but I plan on stepping away and moving onto bigger and better things early in the new year. In the meantime I want to assure everyone who played the game that your support means more to me than you can possibly imagine, and I hope you continue to put your your support behind my future games.


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