On Reading and Proofreading

I enjoy reading Kotaku. Whether I agree with the person posting for them or not, they are on top of most of the goings on in games and I have fun commenting on their forums. Two days ago Stephen Totilo of Kotaku wrote about his hesitation to kill buffalo in Red Dead Redemption. I had

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Extinction within a game?

Recently I have been up to my eyeballs in Red Dead Redemption. I am quickly coming to the end of the game and starting to pursue achievements I feel I could easily… achieve. While looking over the list of achievements I came across “Manifest Destiny”, worth 5 achievement points, where I must: “Kill the last

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Halloween 2000

Wow, I can’t believe it has been more than 3 weeks since my promise to write more on this thing. Stupid deadlines and paychecks. There are so many video game related pumpkins this year, I had to get in on the action. Back in 2000, I carved this Akuma / Gouki pumpkin. I think this

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Super Mario World: My First Pixel Art Painting

Here is the final result. See below for a walkthrough of making this painting. Noteworthy: Measures 22″x28″ All colors are mixed except Mars Black and Titanium White Completed off and on throughout the month of September and in the first week of October. Each “pixel” is 0.5″ square Painted with acrylics   On an occasional

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1939 – 2008

My relationship with my father was, and is, incredibly complicated. Growing up there wasn’t a man I respected and adored more than my dad. He sincerely cared for me and my brothers and I have years of fond memories of him and our family. He was the epitome of what a father should be: Stature:

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