New Super Mario Bros. 2 Blur Effect – A Mistake?

Hey Nintendo. I’ve got something to say. Yesterday I received my brand spanking new copy of New Super Mario Bros. 2 for my Nintendo 3DS. I literally have not been following it in the news, knew nothing about any premise or setups, and chose to be pleasantly surprised by whatever the game had to offer.

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Thor: God of Thunder – Birth of a female troll

Last year I was honored with the task with directing the DS version of Thor: God of Thunder. Working closely with Marvel and SEGA I came up with a story which featured a Troll invasion in Asgard as the catalyst for all events in the game, and gave us a group of enemies which would

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Super Mario Bros. 2 Pixel Painting

Back in 2011 I began a painting of one of my favorite games, made specifically for this uniquely sized canvas I found. Here are a few images showing the progress. I really, really want to finish this one. More to come, I promise! Please like & share:

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The value of a games length (or it’s short so it sucks)

Recently I was incredibly fortunate to be a part of the team for Mighty Switch Force! So far the game has gotten an incredibly warm response from the gaming community and reviewers, and as of this writing has an 83% on Metacritic and 84.4 on Gamerankings. Really I couldn’t ask for a better reception for

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Mighty Switch Force in Nintendo Power

Stopped by the local magazine store tonight and caught a glimpse of the Mighty Switch Force full page preview in the new Nintendo Power, featuring a layout of level 4 from the game I put together. It’s pretty satisfying to see this finally getting some coverage. It has been the object of my undivided attention

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Shantae Pixel Art Painting

This painting was completed in July 2011, featuring WayForward’s very own Shantae. My original posting for this piece is over on Deviantart, but I never wrote a proper blog post on the process. It’s long overdue. First, some details: Measures 22″x28″ All colors are mixed except Mars Black and Titanium White Started work on it

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If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

Fair warning, spoilers ahead. Now on with it! Bulletstorm. I bought it for my wife for Valentine’s Day and she absolutely loved it. It is an incredibly fun and over the top game. One of the things my wife really liked (aside from the Acid Rain skillshot) was the character Trischka, the strong female lead

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The problem with game credits

I have a problem with game credits, and it isn’t just people not getting recognized for the work. It’s that a multitude of games’ credits can not be accessed without playing through the game, which itself can be a laborious and time consuming task. I would argue that a large percentage of people who have

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My Love For Dark Water

It was recently announced that the complete series of “The Pirates of Dark Water” is being released to DVD. is having a little contest to win a free copy of the DVD, so rather than spend my money to support one of the most important pieces of media in my life, I will put

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Why all the swearing?

Recently I was touting the amazing time I am having with Monday Night Combat to my buddy at work: “Oh man me and the wife were playing split screen and shooting a bunch of robots and it’s so worth the money because can play online or locally” and then my jaw melted and fell of

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